Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Personal Ramblings on the Eve of Thanksgiving

In the past year or so, work has had me all over the place. I have moved 3-4 times in the past year alone. During all of this time, my vocation and the question of what God wants me to do in my life, still looms over my head. I have strongly been considering the priesthood for some time now...but it seems like the last few months I have been experiencing the largest amount of spiritual dryness I have ever encountered. I know that by reading the lives of many saints and talking with many priest, spiritual dryness is something to be expected of those trying to live as a devout Catholic. I have even questioned my vocation during this time...but here as of late, I am trying to embrace this dryness and use it as an opportunity for spiritual growth. We must all pass through this Dark Night on our way to being everything God expects of us. I won't lie, I really do miss those periods of pure is so easy to say "I am going to be a priest" or a religious, etc. when you are in a period of pure bliss...on the contrary, it is not so easy to be sure about those things or even live your faith to the fullest when you are going through a period of extreme dryness. Even frequent participation in the Sacraments does not seem to help. I do have moments though when it feels as if that bliss is back...but then it fades away again. I know this is not permanent, and I just pray that I remain faithful to God's purpose for me in life...whatever that may be. In the meantime, I just ask for all of you to pray for me to the Lord our God. God Bless you all. Happy Thanksgiving