Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When is the Vatican going to face the Crisis in the Church?

Is this picture not appropriate? Vocations to the priesthood and religious life have plummeted...Mass attendence is down...Baptisms are down...Divorce is up...and properly Catechized Catholics are becoming extinct...Most Catholics do not even believe in the Real Presence...Yet there are some Cardinals...such as Mahony who would like to say these things are fruits of Vatican II...and each crisis is actually a blessing from God to show us how much he loves us. If these things are fruit...then it should be recognized this fruit is horribly rotten. The "Spirit of Vatican II" is crippling The Church...when are these liberal, heterodox Bishops going to figure this out?

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paramedicgirl said...

The liberals have ran away with the spirit of Vatican II, as they interpreted it. The actual letter of Vatican II does not conform to this new spirit at all. I think the libs need to go back and do some reading on the actual documents they are misrepresenting.