Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sorry, I have been AWOL, Parte Dos

Hello my dear friends...welcome to part two in the series, "I have been AWOL". Last time I was absent for a was due to moving to Houston and starting a new job that literally had me working horrific hours and prevented me from attending Mass. I went from attending daily Mass (with an occasional absence) while living in Louisiana, to making it to only one Sunday Mass the entire 8-9 months I was living in Houston. My job totally consumed me...I was working about 100 hours a week (I wish I was lying to you)...and all day on Saturday and Sunday...which prevented me from making my Sunday obligation...this was a real problem for me. In addition, it prevented from doing the things I enjoy, such as participating in the Knights of a 4th Degree Knight...I had grown rather fond of The KC's and I always looked forward to working on another charitable project. My life in the Church was not the only thing effected...I also had no time to spend with my loving Bloodhound, Dakota...which is like my son, since I don't have any kids yet...and I also wasn't able to go golfing, camping, or just sit quitely under an Oak tree and stare into nature and think just how wonderful God is...I must conclude this now because my dear bloodhound Dakota is very ill and I have to take him to the Vet. Please pray. God Bless, Michael

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