Friday, February 22, 2008

Football Season is Over Folks!!!

Ok...this is really becoming disturbing. Is there anyone else out there that would love to attend a Mass where everyone follows the Rubrics and the GIRM? The Orans posture has become a scourge, and now apparently a permanent fixture, in the majority of Novus Ordo Masses in this country. This posture, which is only supposed to be adopted by an Ordained Priest is seeing widespread use amongst the laity. Every time I go to Mass, I see someone who has an even more exaggerated version of it. Last Sunday, I thought I was at the superbowl and one of the officials was signaling a Giants touchdown. Where does this stop? I have written about this topic before...but it seems this abuse has reached an all time high. Don't get me wrong...I love the Novus Ordo and do not feel it is a problem with the Mass itself...however, I do blame this problem and the other problems facing the Church such as decreasing vocations and decreasing Mass attendance on poor Catechesis and a few rogue Bishops. Names like Mahony come to mind...and I would like to remind His Excellency, that "Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its ugly hand". I had to search long and hard to find a reverent Novus Ordo Mass...but luckily my parish of St. Agnes has just that...I am also blessed to have Pre-Conciliar Latin Mass there as well...I tell you one the Tridentine Mass, these types of abuse would never take place. God Bless, Michael

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Louis Figueroa said...

I know this is an old post, but you are spot on. I have seen laity acting is if they were doing the collect, holding hands during the Pater Noster and much more. Many don't seem to think there is anything wrong with it.

I didn't see this problem in the Novus Ordo Mass in the US as much as I see it in Asia and I won't even touch on the vernacular changes. I agree with you, if the Tridentine Mass was in constant use, many of these issues would be avoided.